Saturday, October 7, 2017

Peds and Transit - Calgary

Rather than drive downtown from my motel to the Walk21 conference and have to worry about traffic and parking, I decided to take Calgary's light rail system, the CTrain.  It's a 10 minute walk from the station to my motel.  Conditions start good, but then go rapidly downhill.

Leaving the CTrain Banff Trail Station.

Taking the crosswalk.

A nice wide sidewalk, despite the obstructions.

The sidewalk narrows.

Very wide driveways and parking lots.

An even narrower sidewalk, with shrubbery encroaching.

The sidewalk turns to mud.

Landscaping fills the sidewalk space, sending pedestrians through the parking lot.

Another bit of narrow sidewalk.

A muddy goat path along the desire line.

Multiple dirt paths as pedestrians try to avoid the mud.

A sidewalk of pavers by a fast food restaurant provides a break from the mud.

A hodgepodge of driveways, parking lots, and odd bits of pavement.

More mud.

Some ankle-breaking boulders, followed by some decent flagstones.

One final stretch of boulders as I arrive at my motel.

A ten minute walk can be a pleasant little journey, or a miserable ordeal.  Would this infrastructure encourage you to walk to the CTrain station?

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  1. You do a nice job of showing issues that are all too common.