Monday, October 8, 2012

Perils For Pedestrians 182

--We visit the Koln International School of Design in Germany (KISD). Their Cultural Library program has students look at everyday things from a new perspective. Results are compared with students in other countries. Two of the projects looked at parking bicycles and waiting at bus stops. --How might a designer think about electric vehicles? --We talk with a bicyclist who moved from Amsterdam to Cologne. --We meet a pedestrian advocate from Nairobi at the Walk21 conference. --We look at the LifeCycle project to promote bicycling in Aveiro, Portugal. --We walk across the busiest railroad bridge in Germany, the Hohensollern Bridge over the Rhine River in Cologne.

Perils For Pedestrians 181: Portugal

--We talk with an anthropologist in Lisbon, Portugal, about pedestrians and traffic conflicts. --We talk with a city counselor in Aveiro, Portugal, about walking. --We look at the Active Access European project to encourage walking.

Perils For Pedestrians 180: Lisbon

--We learn about the pedestrian accessibility plan for Lisbon, Portugal. --We talk with a consultant about planning for pedestrians. --We look at trams and trains around Lisbon.

Perils For Pedestrians 179: The Hague

--We visit The Hague, for the Walk21 International Pedestrian Conference. --We meet Jack Short, with the International Transport Forum. --We visit one of the largest pedestrianized areas in Europe. --We learn about the International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety, ICTCT. --We talk with a key participant in the COST Action 328 Pedestrian Quality Needs project. --We learn about the Making Walking Count project.

Perils For Pedestrians 178: Pittsburgh

--We learn about the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. --We learn about the Oakland Transportation Management Association. --The Airport Corridor Management Association deals with a more suburban environment. --The Riverlife organization oversees the development of the 13 mile Three Rivers Park loop. --A commuter describes his walk to work in Pittsburgh.

Perils For Pedestrians 177: Pittsburgh

--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has more sets of stairs than any other city in the United States. --Snow can be a problem for pedestrians in Pittsburgh. --We look at what aircraft pilots can teach drivers. --The Veterans Administration does research on sidewalks.