Saturday, November 21, 2015

Crowdfunding Perils For Pedestrians

"Perils For Pedestrians" now has a crowdfunding page on Go Fund Me. 

It takes a great deal of time to produce the series, so any help is appreciated.

Be sure to send your rich uncle the link.

Thank you.

Perils For Pedestrians 215: Sydney 2

  • We learn about a new publication by the Heart Foundation, "Does Density Matter".
  • Then we talk with the organizers of the Walk21 pedestrian conference in Sydney.
  • The Minister For Transport talks about what New South Wales is doing for pedestrians.

Perils For Pedestrians 214: Sydney 1

  • We learn about Tactical Urbanism.
  • We see an example of Tactical Urbanism at a Better Block event.
  • Victoria Walks promotes walking for all ages.
  • The Walking Volunteers worked to connect Sydney's Foreshore Walking Network.
  • We go along on The Seven Bridges Walk around Sydney Harbour.

Perils For Pedestrians 213: Los Angeles

  • We talk with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation about pedestrians.
  • We attend the unveiling of the mobile website for Los Angeles State Historic Park.
  • We learn about Los Angeles Walks.