Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ways to Help "Perils For Pedestrians"

Ways you can help "Perils For Pedestrians":
1) If you see an interesting episode, let your friends and colleagues know about it. Recent episodes have clickable timecode links to individual interviews in the YouTube episode description. (I will be adding those links to older episode descriptions as time permits.)
2) If PFP is not on your local Public Access Cable Station, find out what their requirements are for showing an outside program and see if you can get it on. Many stations download the program electronically, or I can send DVDs to the station (free of charge as a public service).
3) If I am going to be traveling through your part of the country, let me know who I should interview for PFP. You know what is happening for pedestrians in your town better than I do.
4) If I am interviewing enough people in your town to stay overnight, put me up in your spare room. Hotels are expensive, and you are better company than the hotel's satellite tv channels.
5) Write letters and go to public hearings. PFP can help raise public awareness of pedestrian issues, but it doesn't take the place of local citizens letting local elected officials know what pedestrians need in their community. Get your neighbors to write letters, too.
6) If you have the resources, consider supporting PFP financially. I have set up a GoFundME account:
Thank you.

Perils For Pedestrians 216: New Zealand 1

  • Rebuilding Christchurch to be more walkable after a devastating earthquake.
  • What an advocate would like to see Christchurch do.
  • Why some pedestrians have problems crossing at roundabouts.

Conference List 2016

An eclectic list of meetings that have come to my attention.  Please let me know of any additions or corrections.

Thank you.

John Z Wetmore

2016 Conference List v. 1.0


10-14  Transportation Research Board (TRB); Washington, DC
14-15  Transforming Transportation (WRI, EMBARQ); Washington, DC
20-22  Conference of Mayors;  Washington, DC
25-26  ASTM F13 Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear; San Antonio, TX
27-29  NACO Healthy Counties Initiative Forum; Salt Lake County, UT
29-2/2 ATSSA - American Traffic Safety Services Assn. Convention and Traffic Expo; New Orleans, LA
31-2/3  Active Living Research; Clearwater Beach, FL


1-5  World of Concrete; Las Vegas, NV
2-4  Winter Cycling Congress; Minneapolis, MN
3-5  Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference; San Diego, CA
5-11  National Sheriffs Association Winter Conference; Washington, DC
7-9  National Conference of Regions; Washington, DC
7-10  National Asphalt Pavement Association; La Quinta, CA
9-11  Distributech (utilities); Orlando, FL
11-13  New Partners For Smart Growth; Portland, OR
14-17  National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Winter Committee Meetings; Washington, DC
14-17  Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Congress; Phoenix, AZ
20  Alumni Day; Princeton, NJ
20-24  National Association of Counties Legislative Conference (NACO); Washington, DC
23-26  AASHTO Legislative Briefing; Washington, DC
25-27  TransCultural Exchange; Boston, MA
26-28  North American Handmade Bicycle Show; Sacramento, CA
27-3/1  Velo-City; Tapei, Taiwan


1-3  International Disaster Conference and Expo (Res/Con); New Orleans, LA
5-9  Congressional City Conference; Washington, DC
6-10  Partners for Public Lands; Spokane, WA
7-9  National Bike Summit; Washington, DC
7-9  IPENZ; Auckland, NZ
7-9  Public Private Partnership Conference (P3C); Dallas, TX
9-11  Vision Zero For Cities; New York, NY
9-11  Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference; Houston, TX
13-15  American Public Transportation Assn. Legislative Conference (APTA); Washington, DC
13-15  International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association (IBTTA);  Washington, DC
16-19  Urban Affairs Association;  San Diego, CA
20-24  Aging in America;  Washington, DC
22-24  World of Asphalt; Nashville, TN
23-26  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture; Salt Lake City, UT
29-4/2  Association of American Geographers (AAG); San Francisco, CA
31-5/6  World Bicycle Forum; Santiago, Chile


2-5  American Planning Association (APA); Phoenix, AZ
3-5  Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities; Long Beach, CA
3-6  The Play Conference; Clemson, SC
5-7  Safe Routes to School National Conference; Columbus, OH
5-8  Intertraffic; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5-9  Society of Health And Physical Educators (SHAPE); Minneapolis, MN
11-14  International Association for Impact Assessment;  Nagoya, Japan
12-14  New Jersey Transportation Conference; Atlantic City, NJ
12-14  SAE World Congress; Detroit, MI
13-16  World Steel Bridge Symposium; Orlando, FL
16-17  Global Health and Innovation Conference; New Haven, CT
18-21  European Transport Research Conference; Warsaw, Poland
19-20  Ontario Bike Summit, Toronto ON
19-21  Urban Land Institute Spring Meeting; Philadelphia, PA
22-23  Tennessee Bike Summit; Chattanooga, TN
22-28  World Tunnel Congress; San Francisco, CA
24-28  National Association of County Engineers;  Tacoma, WA
27-29  Montana Bike-Walk Summit; Missoula, MT


1-4  NATMEC: Improving Traffic Data Collection, Analysis, and Use; Miami, FL
2-6  World Reconstruction Exposition (WREX); Orlando, FL
4  National Bike To School Day
9-11  ARTBA - American Road and Transportation Builders Assn. - Fed. Issues; Washington, DC
14-18  Canadian Urban Transit Association; Halifax, NS
15-18  APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference; Charlotte, NC
16-20  National Outdoor Recreation Conference; Boise, ID
17-19  Road Safety on Five Continents; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
18  Scottish Transport Applications Research; Glasgow, Scotland
18-20  International Transport Forum (ITF); Leipzig, Germany
19-21  American Institute of Architects (AIA); Philadelphia, PA
19-22  American Society of Highway Engineers; Pittsburgh, PA
20  Midwest Active Transportation Conference; La Crosse, WI
22-25  American Public Works Assn. (APWA) North American Snow Conference; Hartford, CT
22-27  Community Transportation Association; Portland, OR
23-25  National Main Streets Conference; Milwaukee, WI
24-26  AASHTO Spring Meeting; Des Moines, IA
26-29  Reunions; Princeton, NJ


1-2  Mobility and Transport - Transforming Urban Mobility; Munich, Germany
1-3  European Conference on Mobility Management; Athens, Greece
4  National Trails Day
5-8   Canadian ITE; Kelowna, BC
6-7  Peds Count Summit; Long Beach, CA
6-10   International Bridge Conference; National Harbor, MD
7  Walkable Washington Symposium; Bellevue, WA
8-10  Via Nordica; Trondheim, Norway
8-11  Congress For The New Urbanism (CNU); Detroit, MI
9-10  ICTI - International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure; San Francisco, CA
13-15  International Conference on Transport and Health; San Jose, CA
13-17  International Making Cities Livable (IMCL);  Rome, Italy
13-17  Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis; Oranjestad, Aruba
19-22  National ADA Symposium; Denver, CO
19-22  Electric Vehicle Symposium; Montreal, QC
19-22  APTA Rail Conference; Phoenix, AZ
21-23  Urban Transport and the Environment; Crete, Greece
21-24  Snow and Ice Management Association; Providence, RI
22-26   National Society of Professional Engineers; Dallas, TX
23-25  Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), Winniipeg, MB
24-27  Conference of Mayors; Indianapolis, IN
25-29  National Sheriffs Association; Minneapolis, MN
25-29  International Cycling History Conference; New Haven, CT
26-29  National Association of Regional Councils; Salt Lake City, UT
26-29  ASCE Transportation and Development; Houston, TX
26-29  International Low Impact Development Conference; Beijing, China
28-29  PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection; Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


5-8  Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP); Quebec, QC
6-8  "2 Walk and Cycle"; Auckland, New Zealand
10-15  World Conference on Transport Research; Shanghai, China
17-20  Pipelines Conference; Kansas City, MO
18-21  Republican National Convention; Cleveland, OH
19-21  NACCHO - Nat'l Ass'n of County and City Health Officials; Phoenix, AZ
22-25  National Association of Counties (NACO); Long Beach, CA
25-28  Democratic National Convention; Philadelphia, PA


2-5  International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology; Brisbane, Australia
8-11  NSCL - Nat'l Conference of State Legislatures - Legislative Summit; Chicago, IL
14-17  Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE); Anaheim, CA
18-20  Alliance for Community Media (ACM); Boston, MA
27-30  International Municipal Signal Association;  Atlanta, GA
27-31  Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA); Seattle, WA
28-31  American Public Works Association (APWA); Minneapolis, MN


1-10  World Conservation Congress; Honolulu, HI
5  Mackinac Bridge Walk; Mackinaw City, MI
11-14  American Public Transportation Association (APTA); Los Angeles, CA
11-14  (IBTTA) International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association; Denver, CO
11-15  Highway Engineering Exchange Program; Helena, MT
12-15  ProWalk/ProBike/ProPlace; Vancouver, BC
25-28  ICMA - International City/County Management Association; Kansas City, MO
26-27   International Conference on Ecology and Transportation; Zurich, Switzerland
29-10/1  ASCE -- Annual Civil Engineering Conference; Portland, OR


3-7  Walk21; Hong Kong
4-6  ARTBA - American Road and Transportation Builders Association; Tuscon, AZ
5  International Walk To School Day
6-8  NRPA - National Recreation and Park Association; St. Louis, MO
9-12  Rail~Volution; Bay area, CA
10-14  ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress; Melbourne, Australia
17-21  Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics; Hefei, China
21-24  ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA); New Orleans, LA
25-27  Urban Land Institute (ULI); Dallas, TX
25-28  AMPO - Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations; Seattle, WA
28-30  National Land Conservation Conference; Minneapolis, MN
29-11/2  American Public Health Association (APHA); Denver, CO


12-15  AASHTO; Boston, MA
13-16  National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC); La Quinta, CA
16-19  National League of Cities; Pittsburgh, PA
16-19  6th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health; Bangkok, Thailand
16-20  Gerontological Society of America; New Orleans, LA