Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perils For Pedestrians 74

--We drop in on International Walk to School Day at East Silver Spring Elementary School in Maryland.--ESS students lobby the Maryland legislature to make walking the official state exercise.--Rep. Earl Blumenauer discusses the 8th National Rail~Volution Conference in Washington, DC.--The Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager at the Federal Highway Administration receives the APBP Lifetime Achievement Award in Saint Paul, Minnesota.--The Governor's Highway Safety Association meets in Saint Louis, Missouri.--The National Heart Foundation of Australia looks at the importance of walking to health in Adelaide, South Australia.--A consultant in Sydney, Australia, promotes Mobility Management.. . . . . . . . "Perils For Pedestrians" can be seen on public access cable channels in 150 cities. Help us get it on the public access channel where you live.

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